Hugh Seaton

Title CEO
Company Aquinas
Industry Enterprise Learning
Employees 1-5
Launch Month/Year 10/2015
1. Your company?  For corporate learning & development departments, Aquinas provides a mobile solution that keeps employees connected to learning.
2. Why Stamford?
A number of reasons:
1. I am from Stamford, so have a great network.
2. Stamford has a strong talent base
3. Stamford’s quality of life is amazing
4. Stamford provides access to the NYC Metro market without the NYC cost base.In addition to the Stamford-specific reasons for starting a business, here, Connecticut generally offers a number of advantages. These include a very skilled workforce, many of whom have technical backgrounds, as well as incentives that the state of Connecticut offers for startups. In fact, CTNext is known throughout the state for their network of advisors, startup-focused events, and overall support for founders.
3. Tell us about your innovation.
We are pioneers in the VR industry, having founded meetups, hackathons and conferences in Stamford as well as NYC and San Francisco. This gives us access to some of the best talent there is globally, and early looks at great new technology.

As an example, we were the first company in the world to use WebVR for corporate training, and the first to use it in a mobile reinforcement context. This gives our clients benefits that really help their businesses through better coaches, better managers and better teams.

We are also pioneers in learning generally, innovating in what is called ‘continuous learning,’ primarily via mobile.

4. If someone runs into you in Stamford, how should they start a conversation? I really am a bit of a geek when it comes to the subjects I love. I have been very excited about psychology for years, having spent a ton of time & energy in consumer and positive psychology.

I also love Chinese history. I spent nine years in China, and am fluent in Mandarin Chinese – so the passion for that culture runs deep and still gets me excited when I visit.

Finally, I’m a total tech nerd. I’ve founded the Stamford Hackathon, Stamford Tech Week, and last year, the NYVR Expo, the largest VR/AR event on the east coast – all so I can hang out with smart people.