1. Accelerate the development of Stamford’s incubator-accelerator community, enterprise growth services network, and large corporate-small supplier procurement relationships.
  2. Strengthen current efforts to build our innovation community by producing events that provide content, promote connections and generate collisions.
  3. Physically and technologically enhance spaces that serve as gathering points for our diverse population and define a connected urban culture.
  4. Strengthen our talent pool by a) creating an anchor institution that responds to changing talent demands, individual learning needs, and trends in higher education and worker skills development; and b) formalize and expand current cooperative younger talent recruitment and retention programs.
  5. Create an ongoing social media presence which delivers a consistent strategic message, empowers local voices and attracts early stage businesses that fit with Stamford’s strengths and opportunities.
  6. Constantly update our understanding of conditions affecting us and develop options to assure that the future will be an opportunity, not a surprise.


Photo Credit: Happy Ha-Ha Productions